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The Greater Europe Desk - Office of International Coordination's European Internship Program

The Greater Europe Desk - Office of International Coordination, Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC), South Australian Government manages the European Internship Program.
European universities who have signed partnership agreements with the South Australian Government commits them to providing students to participate in a research project aimed at underlining the strengths of South Australia and potential cooperation with Europe. These are in fields with the potential to improve and boost policy-level connections through R&D, economic development and innovation outcomes (eg. on Australia as an investment destination for Europe: as a hub for economic opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region and various other topics of strategic interest to the State). Universities who are currently involved in the activity include
Bocconi University, University of Trento and the Polytechnic of Turin.

By the end of the three month period, interns are required to develop a research paper on the conducted analysis. The research activity also enables each intern's Academic Professor to become involved in the development of this paper. The finalised research papers are then sent to each student's respective university, as well as to relevant state government agencies, private sector companies, embassies both here and in Europe, local and international institutions, media organisations and other websites for publication and these entities therefore benefit from the provided information and research data. Once the students return to Europe, they use the report as a basis for their final thesis. These students therefore end up being "experts" in their research field and they successfully spread the knowledge acquired in South Australia in their country of origin.

The effective outcome of the relationship between DPC and universities in Italy has recently raised the interest of higher education institutions in other countries that look forward to being involved in a similar activity. Since October 2009 almost 30 students have participated in internships in Adelaide for a period of three months each. During the internship they also prepare a report within the series "The Asian boom and Australia's proximity":


Dec. 2009

Federica Nardo

"Australia as a dynamic hub of technology innovation among ASEAN, Oceania and the Pacific arena"

Bocconi University

Apr 2010

Manlio Stefano

"New trade networks in Asia-Pacific and Australia's role in the regional context"

Bocconi University

July 2010

Carlo Spandrio

"Australia: hub for European investments in R&D and Higher education sectors"

Bocconi University

Oct 2010

Lisa Stranieri

"South Australia a new hub for international cooperation"

Bocconi University

Apr 2011

Francesca Spinosi

"A particular focus on the Mining Industry and the Renewable Energy Sector in South Australia"

Bocconi University

Apr 2011

Sara Benetti,
Silvia Di Carli

"Potentialities for Collaboration: An Overview of the Research and Development System in South Australia"

Trento University
Bocconi University

Apr 2011

Alice Soini

"Attractiveness of a territory: Comparison between South Australia and the Autonomous Province of Trento"

Trento University

Aug 2011

Bianca Cravenna,
Daniela Grosselli

"South Australian's AAA rating: a comparative study of financial and economic performance from 2001 to now"

Bocconi University
Trento University

Sept 2011

Giulia Tagliaferri

"South Australia Strategic Plan, governance and civil society"

Bocconi University

Nov 2011

Mattia Pisetta

"Opportunities of bilateral cooperation between South Australia and Germany in the manufacturing sector"

Trento University

Jan 2012

Jovana Jovovic

"Integration of Renewable energy sources into the Electricity Market- Comparison of business opportunity
between Australia and Europe"

Trento University

June 2012

Luca Valentino

"Opportunities for Philanthropic Foundations in South Australia -Through International partnerships and
R&D - A comparison between Europe and Australia"

Bocconi University

July 2012

Francesca Sinno

"The Finnish Innovation System: National and Subnational Innovation Policies"

Bocconi University

July 2012

Vera Bezzi

"Australia's and South Australia's opportunity as the next economic hub in the Asia Pacific arena"

Trento University

July 2012

Luigi Trotta

"Cluster and automotive districts. Potential cooperation between South Australia and Piedmont"

Polytechnic of Turin

Oct 2012

Federica Querin

"A comparison between South Australia (Australia) Baden-Wurttenberg (Germany) and
Tampere (Finland) regions"

Bocconi University

Nov 2012

Marco Sebastianelli

"Measuring Wellbeing in South Australia: The Impact of the South Australian Strategic Plan"

Trento University

Dec 2012

Francesco Spinoglio

"Wine Cluster competitiveness in SA and Piedmont (Italy): strategies to address challenges resulting from the Global Financial Crisis"

Polytechnic of Turin

Jan 2013

Andrea Dal Betto

"Enhanced competiveness through cluster initiatives: A comparison of the biomedical sector in Veneto (Italy)
and South Australia"

Trento University

Apr 2013

Alessandro Piacentini

"R&D Funding challenge - The University/Industry Partnership - A new format to promote innovation"

Bocconi University

Oct 2013

Luigi Serrano
Vittorio Tortorici

"Regional Innovation policy - from theory to practice"

Bocconi University
Trento University

Dec 2013

Aurora Lucci

"The rise of emerging markets and Knowledge Intensive Foreign Direct Investment attraction"

Bocconi University

Aug 2014

Wang Meng
Licia Cerini

"SMEs - Knowledge-Intensive attraction and international engagement (Europe-China-Australia)"

Bocconi University

Oct 2014

Giacomo Gambillara
Fabio Distefano

"Innovation & Internationalization. Fostering global competitiveness through a local and vibrant ecosystem"

Trento University
Bocconi University

Dec 2014

Andrea Giustacchini

"Start-ups’ Development - Best practices to create a thriving and dynamic ecosystem"

Bocconi University

Apr 2015

Giulia Carlini

"Australia's new Free Trade Agreements (Republic of Korea, Japan and China)

Trento University

Aug 2015

Francesca Gottardi

South Australian International engagement through Research and Development

Trento University

Dec 2015

Federico Sanna

“International Engagement Through Research & Development- The Macroeconomics of R&D”

Bocconi University

June 2016

Gabriele Lania

An International Comparison of space, policy and industrial capability

Bocconi University

Sept 2016

Matteo Paone

Aerospace Clusters World’s Best Practice and Future Perspectives - An Opportunity for South Australia

Bocconi University

Dec 2016

Giovanni Facchinetti

Small satellites economic trends

Bocconi University

May 2017

Simone Spinelli

Venture Capital in the NewSpace Economy-Global trends and facts

Bocconi University

Aug 2017

Annalisa Piva

Societal and economic benefits of a dedicated National Space Agency for Australia

Bocconi University

Dec 2017

Ester Lazzari

A Study of the Economic Potential of the Local Space Sector

Bocconi University

May 2018

Gianluca Strada

Growing the Space Economy: The Downstream Segment as a Driver

Bocconi University

When the interns go back home to Europe they share their positive Australian experience both in their university and in their local communities. This cooperation therefore contributes to the promotion our country, not only through the circulation of these research projects but also as a result of the positive feedback of these students, who become "ambassadors" promoting South Australia and the State Government's strategic work in Europe.
Many interns also travel around South Australia and our country before, during or after the completion of their internship. Through their travel experiences the students then promote tourism destinations, the friendly people and relaxed culture of Australia once back in Europe.
The success of the collaboration between the Universities in Italy and the Government of South Australia can be clearly inferred from the continuity of incoming students at DPC. This reflects the excellent reputation of the experience at the Office of International Coordination due to the high quality of the students' autonomy in carrying out each research project, the stimulating working environment, and the challenging topics interns are involved with.

August 2014

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