The University of Trento is composed by seven different faculties, among which the Faculty of Economics.
The University proved to have the best Italian standards according to ministerial evaluation criteria, assigned according to the quality of the research and courses. On a competitive basis, the University was able to obtain research projects funded by the European Commission.
According to the first Thomson Reuters’ ranking for the Times (year 2010), the University of Trento figures among the 300 best universities in the world.
Moreover, according to CENSIS (Italian Centre for Social Studies), the Faculty of Economics ranked 2nd among Italian public universities in the field of economics.

The faculty of Economics offers several international opportunities to their students: 4 Double Degree ProgramsBilateral Agreements with a number of universities worldwide,  Erasmus and Leonardo Programs with more than 50 eligible destinations.

The University also offers numerous job opportunities ion terms of internships and placement opportunities, partnering with important international companies and institutions such as European Investment Bank, Procter and Gamble, Microsoft, Eni Group.

Every year the University promotes the Festival of Economics of Trento, renewed in all Europe, that hosts several Nobel Prices and eminent academic scholars (Amarthya Sen, Alan Krueger, George Akerlof, Tito Boeri), and promotes the active discussion on the major and actual topic in Economics.