P.I.A.R .

Publications for Italian and Australian Researchers, Inc


PIAR was founded in Canberra in 2006 with the aim of enhancing in the Italian and Australian research community the awareness of each otherís activities and to foster cooperation in education, research and development in every field such as arts, literature, design, science and technology, through publication of newsletters, bulletins, books and articles in hard copy and/or in electronic format.


PIAR has the network and the ability to facilitate and organise community activities as well as provide for editing and publication experts.


Board Members:

President: Alessandra Iero, email: president@piar.it

Secretary: Myriam Bonazzi, email secretary@piar.it

Treasurer: Ross Di Bartolo, email treasurer@piar.it

Board member: Nicola Sasanelli, email: board@piar.it

Board Member: Antonietta Cooper, email: board@piar.it